Biltong Potjie




Biltong Potjie
750g Biltong
2 Chopped Onions
Olive Oil
500ml Beef Stock
500g Pasta Shells
250 g diced bacon
2 chorizo sausages – sliced
1 x Green pepper chopped
1 x Red pepper chopped
250g Sliced Mushrooms
1,tin corn kernels
250ml Fresh cream
400g Grated cheese
Salt and pepper to taste to taste
Combine the onion, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, chorizo sausages and olive oil and fry in pot.
Add the beef stock and pasta, cook until pasta is soft.
Add the corn kernels, fresh cream and salt and pepper and stir.
Now add biltong & cheese. Stir trough and cook for another 5 minutes

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