LAMB SHANK POTJIE AKA DUTCH OVEN: [bbqmaster Cadac Products] Made a Lamb shank potjie in my Cadac no 3 potjie pot. I cooked it for almost 7 hrs and it nearly fell of the bone .
I served the Lamb Shank and vegetables broth on a bed of rice.
Lamb Shank — Slow cooked
olive oil
2*onions chopped up + 3 garlic cloves (saute a little before adding the lamb )
carrots, green runner beans,potato , tin chopped up tomatoes , Jerusalem Artichokes
Shallots ( small onions) , basil , rosemary ,oregano ,pepper, coriander , salt, 2* veg stock cubes, 500ml boiling water for stock ,desert spoon Worchestershire sauce ,Bay leave, 2 desserts spoons of apricot jam as a substitute for 2 hands fulls of dried apricots., 250ml red + 250 ml white wine, or vermouth as a substitute for the rind of lemon and orange mixed with some more rosemary before serving .

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