Take your chickens and cut them through the breast flatten them out and cut under the wing and slice through the thigh to the bone and leg score the breasts . Then make a simple marinade using freshly squeezed lemon(4or5) paprika powder (4heaped table spoons) if you can use fresh red chilli (10 large red as they not so hot) liquidise with some fresh garlic 3(cloves) a few bay leaves and some olive oil. Add salt and pepper and a little (1/4 tea spoon) ground cumin add more oil around a1/4 cup. Put your chickens in to marinate for about an hour then make your fire and let the flames die down completely so you just have glowing charcoal then put your chickens on and turn frequently basting every now and then also keep some water in a plastic bottle handy so you can douse any fire flare ups enjoy ( Mozambique style Piri Piri chicken)

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