Spicy Corn Dogs


Spicy Corn Dogs

serves 8


300 ml corn meal or polenta

150 ml flour

7 ml baking powder

5 ml barbeque spice

2 eggs

200 – 250 ml milk

enough oil for deep-frying

8 pieces of cooked boerewors (about 500 g)

a little cake four for dusting the sausages


Cut the sausages in 8 even pieces and cook in a pan with a little oil. Cool the sausages. Pour the corn flour, flour, baking powder and spice in a bowl. Whisk the eggs and 200 ml of the milk together and add to the flour mixture. If the mixture is too thick, add a little more milk. Heat the oil in a deep pan ( I find a wok works best). Stick a piece of sausage on a wooden skewer and roll the sausage in flour. Now dip it in the batter and let the excess batter run off.  Dip into the hot oil and turn to fry on all sides. When golden brown, remove from the oil and drain on kitchen towel. I find that I can only manage 2 corn dogs at a time in the oil. Be very careful for the hot oil.

Spicy Mustard

125 ml yellow sweet mustard – I use Wimpy mustard

30 ml chopped Peppadew®


Mix the mustard and Peppadew® and serve with the hot corn dogs.

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