Trinket Cake



For the dough:
100 gr cocoa
200 ml boiling water
200 gr butter
300 gr raw sugar
1 cup milk
6 eggs
1 sachet baking powder
400 gr flour
syrup made out of sugar boiled in water
400ml water
3 teaspoons honey
For the Cream:
250g mascarpone
400 gr cream
100 gr caster sugar
100 gr chocolate flakes
For the Frosting:
400 gr chocolate
2 cups milk
In a bowl, put the cocoa, sugar and add boiling water. Mix quickly with a whisk, then add the diced butter. Continue stirring until butter melts and mixture is smooth. Add milk and then eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each. Sift the flour with baking powder and incorporated into the composition.
Prepare a rectangular tray, fitted with baking paper. Pour the mixture into the tray and pat it on the table top so bubbles will get formed.
Bake for about 40 minutes at 180C.
Meanwhile, put water to boil in a pot so you can make the syrup. Let it boil, then leave to cool. When water becomes lukewarm put a few tablespoons of honey, stirring to melt. Leave aside.
In a bowl, put the cream and sugar and mixing well. When it hardens a bit, add mascarpone cheese and incorporate. Keep the cream into the refrigerator.
When the dough is ready, cut the cake into two layers, somewhat equal (I never manage to do that). On the same baking tray, let the baking paper in and place the first layer of dough moisted with half the syrup. Add cream and then sprinkle chocolate chips. Place the second layer of dough and moist . Place a baking paper over the cake and leave in the refrigerator to cool.
Prepare the frosting by boiling the milk and chocolate until very thick. Layer over the cake, decorate with cream, dust with cocoa powder and add chocolate covered peanuts on top. Your yummy trinket cake is ready to serve. Enjoy!

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